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About Nassau Ridge Realty

This is why our roots are important to our future...

Nassau Ridge Realty was given its name after the road we raised our two kids on, Nassau Avenue, and the street of the dream home we moved into when they were in high school, Oak Ridge Drive.

*River* - Nassau Avenue reminds us of the small places and modest beginnings we all start out in within our families, careers and homes. The river within the mountain symbolizes this growth as water collects from every peak to the valley down below.

*Ridge* - Oak Ridge Drive represents our passion and patience to achieve our goals and serves as a reminder to never stop striving for better communities and relationships with the world around us, no matter how unreachable it may seem. The mountain ridge is evidence of the challenges we have overcome and the next highest peaks to strive for.

The pattern we have chosen for the background is a map view of the original streets where we spent our childhoods playing, the grocery store in which we met, and the places we raised our children. This incorporated an aspect of our lives that gave us an opportunity to include the true meaning of a neighborhood, family and community. Within these two square miles are the current home of their daughter and her husband's first major life investment, their grandmother's home where countless memories blossomed at holidays, and the school our kids learned how to add and subtract in.

The home you buy with Nassau Ridge Realty will be more than a home, but a community. It will be a place where memories spread so deep you can look at a map and recall the laughter and joy you experienced there with the ones you love.

-Carolyn & Will Thompson, Owners

All of the Nassau Ridge Realty associates are goal based, detail directed, and client focused residential REALTORS®.
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